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Ellora Festival

Information On All Maharashtra Festivals - Festivals Celebrated in Maharashtra


There was a time when the Gods were bored in their domicile. They asked the Lord if they could visit the earth. Lord permitted the gods on a condition that they returned by dawn.

The Gods set up a city at the place they fancied and, lost in their pleasures, they let time pass by. Since they failed to return by dawn, they were turned to stone - in the magnificent monolith called Ellora, the heavenly abode of the Gods on earth.

MTDC organizes the Ellora Festival here in December, inviting renowned artistes who display their skill in music and dance. Surrounded by 1,400-year old caves and rock carvings, artistes perform in this magnificent ambiance to enchant the gods, goddesses and human lovers of art.


The Kailas temple, sculptured out of one huge rock, is one of the most beautiful backdrops for an event such as this.








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