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Paru Ga Paru
Malvanchya Poricha Lagin
Maherchya Aathavani
Khel Dombari Kari
Malvancha Khashil Khajya
Dhani Ghevooya Tumdar Bangala
Jara Thambavli Phatphati
Chunuk Chunuk Taal
Aali Re Aali Re
Bhir Bhir Gokan
Aakash Phatala.....
Dharani Aaichi Maya
Kela Sugina
Tujhya Veehiricha
Valzari Ho Dada
Dhani Vegani Chalva
Dhani Vegani Chalva
Malyacha Malyamadhi
Kathina Ghongda
Gofan Firte
Sonyacha Ghungroo
Khurab Ga Khurab Ga
Malyachya Malyamadhe
Kalya Matit Matit
Junj Munj Pahat Zali


Marathi Folk Songs reveal the customs, tradition, lifestyle and culture of Maharashtra. Most of the songs are related to social and cultural issues that are unique and distinct to the region. There are many types of Marathi folk songs like the Koli songs, Aarti songs, Stotras, Kathas etc.

Marathi folk songs feature rhythms, beats and superb vocals that are quite meaning. The evolution of the folk songs exhibits an interesting pattern where in few songs are passed from one generation to another generation. These songs are rich in content and composition and reflect the outlook of life of a region. They are timeless in appeal and exert a great influence on cultural development

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