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Nag Panchami Festival

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Nag panchami is celebrated on 5th day of bright half of Shravan month (Shrawan Shukla Panchami). It is the festival, that is celebrated most popularly in rural Maharastra. This festival is celebrated in the nobility of the Snake God Shesha Nag. It is believed that the earth rests on the head of the Shesha Nag (a Thousand-Hooded Cobra) During this festival clay icons of cobras are worshiped at homes.

People offer sweets and milk to the snake deity and the day is celebrated with folk dances and songs, especially in the countryside. Snake charmers carry cobras in baskets and collect offerings from the public in the streets. sidered as a shubh muhurat - one of the most auspicious days - by Hindus

Nag Panchami Funny SMS

Wife offered a glass of Milk to her husband, on being back home from office.
Wife : Take a glass of Milk today.
Husband : NO! I am not willing to drink Milk.
Wife : You have to take atleast a glass of Milk today.
Husband : Tell me the reason, why you are insisting so much.
Wife : “Today is Nag Panchami”

Aman: what is the opposite of Nagpanchmi?
Chaman: Naag don’t punch me.
Aman: What is the inverse of Nagpanchmi?
Chaman: Naag I’ll punch you…



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